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All we know about the Samsung QLED TV.

The new Samsung QLED TV is all your wishes in one idiot box. Actually, one really smart box because this time Samsung has overdone itself and given us this beautifully smart TV.

Read on to see the 4 Q’s of the Samsung QLED TV.

Q Specifications

Q8C – Curved Screen
Sizes and Prices -
189cm (75”)   -   ₹10,99,900        
163 cm (65”)   -   ₹4,70,900
138 cm (55”)   -   ₹3,44,900

Q7F – Flat Screen
Sizes and Prices -
163 cm (65”)   -   ₹4,40,900    
138 cm (55”)   -   ₹3,14,900

Both the models have same features - Smart Hub, Smart View, Bluetooth, 2 Way Audio, HDMI and USB, Quadcore, and Wireless Lan Built-In.

Q Picture

Let’s begin with the brilliant picture quality that this Samsung TV provides. It makes the images and videos look breathtakingly brilliant and the colours, astonishingly real. It almost looks like it isn’t a picture but the object in reality.

The new QLED uses the Quantum Dot technology and 100% colour volume that changes light into amazing colour on screen.

The best part is that the angles, height or the amount of light – none of them affect the viewing. It’s perfect contrast and depth does not get affected by the light around the TV. Adding to this, all details even in the scenes that are either intensely dark or bright, are clearly scene because of the Q HDR 500.

The TV’s come with a 10 year ‘No Screen Burn-in’ warranty, i.e., the TV doesn’t lose it’s picture quality caused by burn-in, like in other TV’s, ever.


The only bad thing about having an LED TV is all the wires that hang below it. The Samsung QLED with its invisible wires makes life some much prettier and stylish. And they can be put along the walls of your house to store the set up box somewhere else (hide it) and use that space to decorate your living room however you want. And if you too are OCD about the little space between the wall and the TV then don’t worry. The No – Gap Wall Mount, as the name suggests, leaves really so gap and makes it look so much better.

Q Smart

Not only can you connect all your devices (DVD, Satellite Box, BDP, Home Theatre) and accounts, you can use all of them using one single remote – without any hassle or confusion. It’s voice control and thumbnail-preview features also make things so much easier. You can easily identify which device has been connected, in the input selection.

Last but not the least, your phone can convert into your remote as well.

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