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Tips to take care of your contact lenses

Your eyes are the most valuable part of your body. We are truly privileged to have eyes to see and capture the beauty around us. If you wear contact lenses then it becomes extremely important to take care of your lenses because your eyes are delicate and if you don’t follow a few basic caring tips for your contact lenses, you can invite a lot of complications which will ultimately cause irritation.
While going through the eye specialist, you must have been certainly advised to look after your contact lenses and you must have also been given some tips regarding how to look after them. We all initially do look after them, but then lose our patience slowly and that’s when the problem starts arising.

If you have difficulty in seeing things, then get a free eye checkup done and start wearing your eyewear to see everything clearly.
Take care of your contact lenses, you need them to see better. Here’s how to look after them. 
While putting on your contacts
·         Always wash your hands and dry them to avoid any dust or foreign particles. Prefer using mild lotions that are not harsh or contain any perfumes which can leave oil on your palms.

·         Carefully inspect your contact lenses once you bring them out of the case. Be sure that your contact lens is clean, moist, and free from any dust particles.

·         Once you are done wearing them, clean your contact lens case. Use a fresh solution after cleaning it.
Taking out the contacts from your eyes
·         Wash your hands, make it clean, take out of the lenses from your eyes. Now, put some solution on your palm, rub it nicely and gently.

·         Always take away the old solution and put a new solution into the lens case. If you happen to wear contacts which can be worn for more than a day then make sure to store them in fresh solution cases.
·         Never use water to clean your contact lenses, they will not even last for more than a second. Water and lenses don’t go hand in hand.

·         Also, if you have pets at your place, then make sure to take your contact lenses out before giving them a bath.

·         Clean the case twice every week.
·         Change the case once every three months.
What you should do and don’t
The Do’s
·         Use the solution recommended by your eye doctor
·         Make it a habit to use a fresh solution everyday for your lens case
·         While taking out the lens from your eye, make sure to rub the lens with fresh solution.

The don’ts
·         Never use solution which has been expired
·         Use only your eye solution and not someone else’s
·         Don’t use water to clean your lenses. Use the solution only
·         Don’t use your saliva to clean your lenses.
Should you sleep wearing your contacts?
Some brands are approved by FDA to wear overnight. But, to maintain a good habit and to be safe make sure to take out the lenses from your eyes. You can buy contact lenses online at a low price which will save you money but the crux remains the same for every lens, take them out. If you ask an eye doctor, he will also suggest keeping them away and not wear them while sleeping.

Makeup and contacts- Do they go hand-in-hand?
There are many people who love wearing eye makeup. But make sure to discuss with your doctor about your eye makeup routine. They might suggest some eye care products which are non-allergic.
Whatever eye makeup you use, just don’t let it come in contact with your contacts. Stay away from irritations and complications. Whenever you feel irritation using eye makeup, stop applying it.
So, these are the tips to take care of your contacts. Just keep your lenses and the case clean. After all, you put them on your eyes, the cleaner your lenses are the better your eyes will be.