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Noble sport: how BulatUtemuratov takes tennis in Kazakhstan to a new level

BulatUtemuratov, the President of KTF, never concealed his desire to see Kazakhstan as a new tennis superpower. In recent years, domestic tennis has really made a tremendous breakthrough – the men’s national team repeatedly went to the ¼ finals of the Davis Cup, getting into the TOP-8 of the best national teams of the planet.

Children First!

Lately, under the patronage of Utemuratov, new tennis centers have been opened in Kazakhstan, and the total number of courts has increased almost 4-fold. The opening of the tennis center “Ace” in May 2018 was one of the most significant events. The facility in Almaty was “accepted” personally by NursultanNazarbayev – the President noted the high level of the new sports facilities and expressed confidence that similar centers will appear in other regions of Kazakhstan in the near future. More information about the event can be read here.

“Tennis 10 & under”

An important step in the training of young athletes was the KTF “Tennis 10 & under”, thanks to which the number of promising tennis players has increased. By the way, according to KTF, the number of children choosing tennis is increasing every year – stronger guys with huge potential come to the Academy of Team Kazakhstan.

Another long-time aspiration of BulatUtemuratov is making tennis appear in comprehensive schools. That is why, in the school curriculum, the KTF allocates sports equipment, which allows Kazakh schoolchildren to play tennis in physical education classes. You can read about the other “tennis” undertakings of Mr. Utemuratov and his business biography on the website

Future plans

The plans of the KTF include further fruitful cooperation with the International Tennis Federation, as well as the advance of the national team to the World Group. The entrepreneur has repeatedly noted that he associates the success of Kazakhstani athletes with the conditions of their training. In order to achieve great results in international tournaments, it is necessary to create modern training bases in Kazakhstan, take care of the professional coaching staff and ensure all the necessary conditions for the competitions. It is expected that in the coming years the largest cities of the Republic will be able to host ATP Challenger tournaments in the summer. The construction of such facilities is planned to attract public funds, but most of the expenditures will be funded by private investors.