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10 Incredible Ways to Got 1,000s of SEO Leads

Creating more SEO leads is a matter of strategy and some tactics that can only be handled by the experienced people. Achieving more than 1,000 leads of SEO isn’t a simple or easy thing. It requires a mindset to bring a company to that level. 
Here we present the 10 amazing tips that will definitely help you achieve 1,000 SEO leads for your concern.

1.      Google Ranking

Google is the most important and well-known search engine in the whole world. So whenever something is known and appreciated worldwide, you ought to aim for that platform. Getting your page ranked on the first page of Google is tough, your SEO Services team has to fight and work hard for that certain position. Not a day can be spared to do this tough task, and then you can see your expected result. Also, you have to choose ethical ways to get yourself the desired rank, non-ethical ways are never appreciated and your reputation may get harmed in this process. So here are the ways you can rank your website on the first page of Google.
  Use of Keyword in URL- If you want to display and popularize a particular keyword, then add the same to your URL. It will help you increase the rank in no time. The reason behind it is that people will go for the links that are easily understandable, and they will be directed to a place, just what they have opted for. So there will be less confusion in this.

·        Page Target- If you want the rank, then you have to go to a particular page and target that page. Refrain from targeting all the keywords you have. You can’t win that way. If you’re opting for the top-level you got to become more business specific. If you’re an over-achiever, it might crash down on your face. So take one step at a time, and see the increased results on your plate. If you target one page, your customers will not get confused by the storm of products, but they can provide a level-headed decision to it. Many keywords not only confuse your consumers but the search engine Google too.

·        Internal Links- Don’t forget to link your pages with the main website and with other connecting pages as well. It will help your consumers to understand the marketi8ng strategy well, and these viewers at the same time will turn into buyers in no time. Refrain from using generic words and become specific in the choice of words on the page.

2.      Add An Audit Tool

If you want to fish more leads then you should add a link of a free audit tool in your website. It will help your customers the best. So they will not look for an audit elsewhere when they can get that from your website all the same. Also make sure it’s free, because who doesn’t love free stuff? Everyone does, and so will your audience. Your audience will scan their websites and check the optimization of their sites. With all of these ensure that before using the free audit tool, visitors enter their contacting information.

3.      Resource Giveaway

If you see your desires of ranking your page and leads are coming through, you can always become a little generous and offer your consumers some resources for free. You can do that in exchange for something, or free. However, if you’re really up to this free things, you must think about the marketing goals you will be achieved from it. You can provide the resources in exchange for a share, or contact details, or for free. You can offer resources such as free webinars a guideline to launch your first website, free SEO checklist PDFs and a free NDA generator. This way you will get so many contact information and people asking about your services and its details.

4.      Strategic by All Means

Build a strategy that doesn’t backfire but proves very profitable for your business. Offer some IT, web design companies, social media and online PR ones for 10% off any SEO they will send you. This will be the best and easy way you will make quick money. If they help you with this your customer enhancement will grow.

5.      Offer Fee for Reference

Make sure to apply this strategy. Give your reference giver some credit and offer them 10% reference fee, for their suggestion. That way people will be enticed to refer, potential customers. This strategy will definitely work for your company and you will gain so many customers for your concern. It will be a win-win situation for both parties as well.

6.      Maintain Quora

Quora is a place where so many people seek answers, from business to personal to anything else in the world. So, you must maintain this site from your side. Answer some questions in here and you will see people contacting you. Answer the questions diplomatically, make sure that people actually like the answers or not or are they being helped by your answers. Only that way you can engage more leads of SEO from Quora.

7.      Website Tagging

On your respective page, tag the link of your website. In it. This way your consumers can go directly to your website. If you have multiple websites, tag them by their functions, so that your consumer doesn’t feel puzzled by it. Make sure these tagging’s are relevant enough.

8.      Live Chat

Try to add a live chat to your site. It will help your visitors. They will be able to ask you many questions, and you get to answer them. This way more and more visitors will turn into customers. If they get answers from an efficient live chat it will be good for your concern too. You will get to know the type of queries your customers can have.


Web designing

Not just SEO services, also add web designing services to your customers, so that they can get all of the essential products from you, and do not venture anywhere else. It will bring you more profit than ever.

10.   Contact 2nd or 3rd-page Websites

You can help out the website owners who have their sites on the second page or third, or fourth page of Google. You can send them a message regarding the uplifting of their sites on to the first page.

Follow these 10 tips and you will see the enhancement of your SEO leads for your website. Also, make sure to follow totally ethical ways, and bring your business to the front.

Author Bio:Nitin Kumar is presently working in one of the best web development companies located in India. He has vast knowledge in web designing services and presently working in a senior-most position at JDM web technologies. His outstanding knowledge and hold on this subject has helped him to reach the position where is standing today. He loves to share his knowledge with others and so prefers to write blogs and articles related to web design and Web Development Services and web designing companies India.