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Best Sports Team Templates of 2018

Building a website for a sports team is a fun and exciting project. Sports have an entertainment factor that lends well to creative and interesting websites. There are a lot of opportunities to use different types of media and content as well as player biographies and team history or event information when building a sports-related website. The best way to get started building a website for your favorite national or local sports team is to download a sports team website template. Check out these top 10 templates for sports teams in 2018 to get started on your team's website. 

1. Sports Mag 

The SportsMag template for WordPress is a great tool for launching your own sports-themed website. This template contains a magazine-style layout with grid-style thumbnails that can be used to feature team players and information about your favorite sports teams. You will need WordPress-compatible web hosting to make use of this free template. 

The Life Fitness - Gym & Sport template from Envato Market is the perfect base for any sports team website. This well-organized template contains three different styles that work well for varying amounts of media and content. Use this template to launch a digital magazine or brochure about your favorite sports team. 

3. GOAT 

GOAT is a template for WordPress website that can help you launch any sports team site in just minutes. This template was designed with soccer in mind but can be used for any team sport. It contains icons and circular graphic outlines that would make the perfect setting for player bios. Download this template for free to use with any WordPress-friendly web hosting service. 

This template for WordPress websites is included in the Envato Market membership for designers that costs about $24 per month. It can be used on any WordPress CMS installation version 4.6 or higher. Your Fitness includes a fully responsive design and over 50 widget positions for total customization. 

The Thunder Basketball template is ideal for any basketball team website on the Moto CMS platform. You can build a visually stunning dark or light themed website with the point-and-click options included in this theme. The Thunder Basketball template is a premium template from TemplateMonster and includes frontend positions for team statistics and facts about players. 

6. Baseball 

ThemeForest's premium Baseball template is the perfect template for any baseball team. This template was designed using HTML5 and CSS3 so it will work on any modern web server without the need for a Content Management System. You can easily display future events, videos from previous games, and even live streaming videos of games in progress using this advanced theme. This template is currently priced $72 and comes with a variety of built-in template options. 

MH Sports Magazine is an excellent template for any sports team website on the WordPress platform. This would make the ideal template for high school or college sports teams as it has lots of room for news and articles about the players or scheduled games. This template is also easy to customize and even switch the default layout colors to match your team's exact colors and branding. 

8. Navy Blue 

The NavyBlue template was designed in 2018 for water-based sports teams like diving teams and swim teams. The default blues, greens, and aqua color schemes form the perfect setting for any water-themed sporting website. This premium template costs $199 from TemplateMonster but is unique and creative enough to warrant the higher-than-average price for a template with its drag-and-drop page builder and clean parallax scrolling. 

9. Sensei 

The Sensei template for the popular Moto CMS will nicely frame any sports team website. This template contains a large image slider, several featured photo positions that would be great for couches and team owners, and tall photo positions mid-page that would be perfect to display some of your team's star players. 

10. Fifo 

The new Fifo sports template is unique among these top sports team templates in that it contains a place to sell merchandise related to your team. This is perfect for smaller teams who need to raise funds for uniforms and travel. This premium template costs $67 and, with its WooCommerce integration and an impressive store layout, can help you raise funds for your favorite team. 

These top 10 templates for sports teams websites in 2018 can help you launch the perfect site for any local or regional team. Determine how much written content and media you will have on your website to help narrow down the options and find the best fit for your team. If you intend to sell team-related merchandise than the Fifo template rounding out this list might be your best bet. If your sports team website will include deep background information about the team's history or players then choosing one of the magazine-style templates would be wise.