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Working On The Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen is an important room of your house and you definitely try the best to design it in the most functional way. In the process of designing your kitchen, you may come across varied designs which take your heart away and appear just perfect. But, it is important to analyse whether they are suitable for your home and lifestyle.
Besides, you should also be aware about basic design concepts which can be a part of your kitchen décor. One of those is kitchen work triangle which has been the most preferred choice of masses until recently. There are some who still prefer this kitchen style as there are several benefits of it.
But, before you get to know its benefits it is equally essential for you to know the actual frame of it or rather why it is called work triangle.
What do you mean by work triangle?
The work triangle is usually a courtship between storage, the cooking and preparing area. The area should be designed in a way that you can freely move in between these three spots. These guidelines are universally acceptable.
You can simply follow the thumb rule to get a perfect work triangle and enjoy adequate space available to you. To begin with, the sum amount of all three sides should not exceed 26 feet. Adding to this, each angle of the triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet in length.
The thumb rule being that there shouldn’t be any obstruction like Kitchen Island, or any other object in your triangle. This ensures that there isn’t uncontrollable foot traffic in the area. Based on this insight you can install appliances and design it a comfortable setting for your kitchen.
You can also get in touch with reliable company to help you select a perfect design for your space. Probably, a company like Saturn Interiors which offers high-quality design along with experienced experts at affordable price.
 Things you should know about Kitchen work triangle
The work triangle concept was developed in the 1940’s during an era when kitchen appliances were huge as compared to available kitchen space. Most people were not excited to design kitchen as compared to their bedrooms or living rooms.
But, with changing time kitchen space has grown and people design kitchen with a purpose like a source of entertainment or a luxurious spot to enjoy your own company. This is when people started designing kitchens with a different perspective.
The work triangle had one principle that the triangle should not be interrupted by any obstacle. Make sure that your design creates a perfect triangle.
The next thing that you should be mindful about is that any of your kitchen appliances should not be installed at the outside corner. If your sink is installed at a far way corner then you will have to walk back again and again which is a tedious process.
There are several advantages of the work triangle but you must also consider the fact that every kitchen space is different. This means that this formula or design cannot be applied for everyone’s kitchen.
You can get seek assistance from trust-worthy and professional sources as they can guide you to design a perfect kitchen. If you have adequate space and wish to design a perfect work triangle then you must definitely keep these things in mind-   
o   Layout of kitchen differs from person to person.

o   Determine the amount of space you prefer between each angle of the triangle. There are some who prefer a small triangular space so they do not have to move much while preparing meals but others might need more space.

o   At times, people include dishwasher, pantry and the microwave in this triangle to improve functionality of their kitchen. The choice is completely yours and based on appliances you plan install.

o   Often, Kitchen Island is one big hurdle which breaks your work triangle but you can avoid this if you put in some additional thoughts and work on your design. You can also opt for a basic setting to align your stove, sink and refrigerator right opposite the Kitchen Island so that you do not have to walk long distances to grab your ingredients.

This is just one instance, remember, you are the master chef of your kitchen which means that it has to be designed considering your convenience and suitability. You can customise kitchen décor according to your feasibility and requirements taking into account some basic designing rules.