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Best Wedding Templates of 2018

Building a website for your own or a friend's wedding is a fun and satisfying task. You can even earn money building wedding websites for friends, family, and clients, or make the perfect wedding gift for a couple you know if you're technically inclined. The easiest way to build the perfect wedding website is to start with a stunning wedding template. Weddings templates can be downloaded from various template development websites and installed for your own wedding website in just minutes. Check out these top 10 wedding websites for 2018 to create your own modern wedding website. 

VivahHYPERLINK "" Royal Wedding

The Vivah Royal Wedding template for WordPress websites is the perfect way to start building a commemorative wedding website. This free template from the official WordPress theme repository is fully responsive and compatible with all versions of WordPress released in 2018. This template contains a special section to describe the bride’s and groom's wishes and backgrounds.


The Marriage template from ThemeForest is an excellent base for any wedding website. This premium template costs just $49 and comes with 6 months of updates that should get you through any wedding cycle worry-free. This template is fully responsive and comes in pastel pinks, greens, and other wedding-friendly color schemes.

Wedding Photos 

If the wedding website you're building will contain a lot of photos and other media then this is the best template for you. The Wedding Photos template is free and installs quickly on any updated WordPress release from this year. There are several demos included with this template to help you get started and see what your finished product will look like up front.

Wedding Day Template 

The perfect wedding day can now be planned and commemorated with the perfect Wedding Day Template. This premium, modern template is packed full of features endless scrolling, 20 page layout options, a point-and-click site builder, and interchangeable header positions. Choose this template if you're looking for a feature-rich wedding website for under $70. Remember to get fast
web hosting for your project so that your website will load all the bells and whistles that come with this template in a timely manner.

BB Wedding Bliss 

If the married couple-to-be appreciates simplicity and minimalist design then this free template from WordPress might be the best option for your wedding website project. The BB Wedding Bliss template contains a flat design with lots of white space and low-key hand-drawn graphics for a cozy wedding website that will make any bride and groom proud.


If your bride and groom are fun-spirited and would appreciate a whimsical wedding website then this is likely your best option. The Jack & Rose WordPress template works with any WordPress-friendly web hosting and costs just $50 from ThemeForest. This premium template has a drag-and-drop page builder so you don't need to know any HTML or other coding to build a website with it. This template also contains a one-click data import option so you can just replace the graphics and text with your own to make a fully functional website in under an hour.


GeekLove is a high-tech wedding template that younger couples and couples in the information technology fields will find awesome. This template is just $44 on the Envato Market but can be accessed for free for member of the Envato Design Club which runs about $25 per month. This premium template includes a widgetized homepage that allows you to drag elements from place to place without having to use code or even a text editor.

Wedding Photography 

If you're a photographer looking to get into making websites as part of your wedding photography package then this template is the perfect fit for you. The free Wedding Photography template was designed with high-quality photos in mind and can organize and display hundreds of photos from the special event in a lightbox enabled portfolio-style layout.


Qaween is another wedding template on the Envato Market that can serve as the ideal base for any wedding website. This diverse wedding template is brand new for 2018 and contains frontend elements like responsive image sliders and widgets to help give your website a modern, mobile-friendly interface.


Moments is the perfect wedding website template for those looking to add more content after the day of the event. You can upload videos and images from the wedding to this infinite-scrolling template in just minutes to expand your space and elaborate on the wedding post-event. Moments is currently priced at $59 and contains several layout and photo gallery options for easy customization.

These wedding templates will impress and please your clients or wedding guests and work well on mobile and desktop devices. Choose the template that best suits the theme of the wedding or contains the features you think the bride and groom would appreciate. Make sure to get a good hosting package that allows you to update to the newest release of WordPress so you can make the most of these amazing new wedding website templates.